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    Can the Quality of the System Exceed the Quality of Its Teachers?

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Can the Quality of the System Exceed the Quality of Its Teachers?

I have great respect for all who devote their lives and experiences to the quality of our education system. Whether we agree or not with perspectives, each viewpoint deserves respect especially if they are considered carefully and with all the best intentions. Just because I agree or disagree with […]

Technology – can we get past talking about the tool?

A defining moment which helped me really understand my beliefs about the role that computing technology can play in learning began with a short walk to the store. The morning was young and my daughter and I passed a neighbour’s house with a large hand painted sign out front […]

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    When will technology replace your job or – are the soft skills now hard?

When will technology replace your job or – are the soft skills now hard?

I pull down into the underground parking lot that I know so well, I stop as I have hundreds of times and I push the button to take my ticket. The dispensing machine that I have used so often is dark with a simple sign that says to pull ahead […]

Transformation? Maybe it is just down the hall.

One of the big things I try to do in my work is to push people to be clear about what they mean. “Mushy thinking” as someone once called it drives me a bit crazy. Now I’m certain that I am as “mushy” as the next person from time […]

Do we still need to buy textbooks?

I estimate that each year in our district we spend well over $4 million on Learning Resources. Resources that we would define as textbooks, library books, digital media, software, manipulatives and other forms of resources that directly support teachers in their instruction. A significant amount of these funds go […]

Schools Matter and Teachers Care

Every year Surrey Schools hosts a Digital Learner Series. As part of that series this year, we held “Ignite” sessions which include powerpoint presentations of 20 slides of 15 seconds each. It is great fun and really causes people to be succinct. Ignite sessions normally run with multiple speakers […]

Teachers are researchers – every single day

Another research proposal crosses my desk. It is a good question, interesting, well thought out but I am again reminded about the disconnect that exists between academic research and the practice that happens every day in our schools. Two systems that should work hand in glove but often we […]

How Do Parents Enrich Your School’s Culture?

As I walked into the school, it was impossible to miss the ceiling covered in soft pink paper lanterns, each carefully hung from hand-picked tree branches.  The colour of the lanterns was in contrast to the bright red paper flowers hanging off the branches that surrounded the numerous small globes. […]

Preparing Students for the “Real” World

In our ongoing debate on report cards and letter grades this past week, one of the comments I have heard a few times is “how are students going to be prepared for the real world?” I have to admit, this concept of the “real” world being something external to […]

What do letter grades actually mean?

I’m in the south east of the United States, the heart of Civil War country and, in fact, in the locations of some of the most famous battles in history. The woods surrounding the schools were undoubtedly places where soldiers fought and died. I leaned over the student’s shoulder […]


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