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What do Letter Grades have to do with Performance?

The school year has begun. In a few quick months, across British Columbia parents will receive report cards indicating how their children are progressing in their learning. In many cases, these report cards will have structured comments, a letter grade, and, in higher grades, a percentage. There are many […]

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    On the Shoulders of Giants – Celebrating our Past, Building our Future

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On the Shoulders of Giants – Celebrating our Past, Building our Future

On the 5th of February, 1676, Sir Isaac Newton penned a letter to Robert Hooke. In the letter, Newton wrote “if I have seen further, it is by standing on ye shoulders of giants.” The wonderful quote did not originate with Newton but the meaning to me is so […]

Innovation vs Transformation – Practice vs Culture?

Lately, it seems that the term innovation is all around us. If we are to be competitive, then we need to be innovative. The more I hear terms, the more I want to dig a bit deeper to say…tell me a bit more. What do we mean by innovation?  […]

Teachers are researchers – every single day

Another research proposal crosses my desk. It is a good question, interesting, well thought out but I am again reminded about the disconnect that exists between academic research and the practice that happens every day in our schools. Two systems that should work hand in glove but often we […]

What do letter grades actually mean?

I’m in the south east of the United States, the heart of Civil War country and, in fact, in the locations of some of the most famous battles in history. The woods surrounding the schools were undoubtedly places where soldiers fought and died. I leaned over the student’s shoulder […]

Give us your (teacher created) content…please?

I imagine that every year, provincially, we spend tens of millions of dollars on textbooks. Simultaneously, teachers around BC are creating their own tailor-made resources to suit their students’ needs. While there is a lot of sharing between teachers, in many cases, teachers in the same school let alone […]

Change is just a mouse click away…or is it?

This past week, a colleague and I prepared for a provincial webcast on the technology needs for the future we move down the road of supporting learning and teaching. As I prepared I tried to think of some simple takeaways that could help a large group (especially in a webinar) understand what we […]

Just because we can doesn’t mean we should

Many times technology pushes the boundaries of our comfort levels. Where are the moral and ethical lines when it comes to current capabilities we possess? I came across a product that I wanted to highlight because I think it is a great example of a values based and ethical […]

What do we mean by student engagement?

Nothing like a good professional development day to leave one thinking “well that was interesting.”  That’s what happened to me yesterday at our BC Provincial Specialists Day where I attended a couple of events. Most specifically I attended a session by Surrey School Psychologists who hosted Steven Shaw from […]

We want transformation not augmentation

I am often reminded that language travels a lot faster than behavioral change. Recently, I have been thinking just what a process of transformation means for our education system in practical terms. Everyone seems to be talking about transformation, but have we really delved into just what “transformation” means […]


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