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What is your status in the organization?

Do you sit in a cubicle at work? Do you have an office? If you are a teacher do you have a “homeroom” or a desk or are you forced to live life on a cart towing your materials from one class to the next? Does your boss say […]

Innovation vs Transformation – Practice vs Culture?

Lately, it seems that the term innovation is all around us. If we are to be competitive, then we need to be innovative. The more I hear terms, the more I want to dig a bit deeper to say…tell me a bit more. What do we mean by innovation?  […]

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    #whoownsthishashtag? – Twitter Culture and Social Responsibility

#whoownsthishashtag? – Twitter Culture and Social Responsibility

The Pope just hit ten million followers on social media. Who would have imagined a decade ago that the Vatican would even participate in social media yet alone celebrate what is an enormous following? Such a news tidbit only demonstrates the rapidly growing social media trend and the power […]

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    Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast – Even in Downton Abbey

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Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast – Even in Downton Abbey

I worked in a school that had a rule: No Hats. It was just “the way things are done around here”. In my time in the school, no issue was more hotly debated and more emotional than the discussion about whether or not students should be permitted to wear hats […]

DBA – Death by Acronym

A while ago I wrote a post titled “Nothing you say matters if people can’t understand you.” Recently, we were talking with a group of parents and I was reminded of how easily those in education jump at acronyms and often this leaves those to whom you are speaking […]

September Stories – Education in B.C.

The office staff greeted me warmly as I entered the school. It was lunchtime. Kids were everywhere on this hot September day. After introducing myself, the admin assistant told me that I would likely find the principal on the upper field supervising students and I headed that way. As […]

Tell Your Leadership Story

Leadership Story

This podcast focuses on how you can communicate effectively with others through story and narrative. Chosen at the right time and for a specific purpose, narrative can be a powerful way to communicate meaning and values to others in your daily leadership work.

Picking the hill on which to die – the fine art of de-escalation

Ever get in a battle with a 4 year old and you reach a point (very quickly) where you realize you’ve lost? That realization normally comes when you’ve taken a stance that you realize you can’t possibly uphold. The mind starts to spin with “how am I going to […]

Transparency is more than handing out the spreadsheet – revisiting the Six Secrets

On a few of my posts I have reflected on good works in the past that seem to fly by. When the “next good book” on leadership or process comes out, we often simply turn our minds to new thoughts and trends in educational leadership or leadership in general. […]

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    Feedback – the single most powerful mechanism to improve leading/learning?

Feedback – the single most powerful mechanism to improve leading/learning?

John Hattie’s (2003) research paper titled “Teachers Make a Difference: What is the research evidence?” has been referenced many times when I’ve been present to talk about what we know about learning. His research explored the factors that have an impact on learning and which factors make the biggest […]


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