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What is your status in the organization?

Do you sit in a cubicle at work? Do you have an office? If you are a teacher do you have a “homeroom” or a desk or are you forced to live life on a cart towing your materials from one class to the next? Does your boss say […]

The Arts and Mentorship

As Tara shuffles into the room, I greet her. Her eyes are fixed on the floor, the corners of her mouth are down and it’s clear that she is not in a good place. I ask her to sit, offer water and in anticipation of the meeting, I’ve made […]

What do Letter Grades have to do with Performance?

The school year has begun. In a few quick months, across British Columbia parents will receive report cards indicating how their children are progressing in their learning. In many cases, these report cards will have structured comments, a letter grade, and, in higher grades, a percentage. There are many […]

Schools Matter and Teachers Care

Every year Surrey Schools hosts a Digital Learner Series. As part of that series this year, we held “Ignite” sessions which include powerpoint presentations of 20 slides of 15 seconds each. It is great fun and really causes people to be succinct. Ignite sessions normally run with multiple speakers […]

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    Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast – Even in Downton Abbey

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Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast – Even in Downton Abbey

I worked in a school that had a rule: No Hats. It was just “the way things are done around here”. In my time in the school, no issue was more hotly debated and more emotional than the discussion about whether or not students should be permitted to wear hats […]

Women on Leadership – Quotes

I am learning to use Adobe’s After Effects as I prepare for a presentation on leadership. I decided to have a portion of the project focus on quotes by women. I hope that you enjoy this first attempt at using this tool.

Leadership of Groups and the Importance of Going Last

Have you ever sat back in meetings or times of collaboration and watched unintended silencing unfold? Sometimes without any intent, the very sequence of talking and the roles/positions people hold can have powerful effect on how a conversation unfolds around a table. This blog urges those in positions of […]

DBA – Death by Acronym

A while ago I wrote a post titled “Nothing you say matters if people can’t understand you.” Recently, we were talking with a group of parents and I was reminded of how easily those in education jump at acronyms and often this leaves those to whom you are speaking […]

Where have all the heroes gone?

We all need role models. We all likely have a handful of people in our lives that we can point to and say that we admired them. Perhaps for different reasons, often quite personal, but we all need heroes.

In our lives in schools and education, we also know that […]

Leading from the Inside Out: The Power of Why

Recently, I spent some time pulling apart Simon Sinek’s TedTalk on leading from the inside out. I really enjoyed his message about leading from the inside out or starting with the “why” and not “how” of a task at hand. While first part of the Ted video has poor […]


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