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Schools Matter and Teachers Care

Every year Surrey Schools hosts a Digital Learner Series. As part of that series this year, we held “Ignite” sessions which include powerpoint presentations of 20 slides of 15 seconds each. It is great fun and really causes people to be succinct. Ignite sessions normally run with multiple speakers […]

Self-Regulation in the Age of Distraction

I went to a workshop today. This is always a tricky thing to do in the middle of the day. While I was there, my mind (I am sure like everyone else’s) was flying around not only on the workshop but on the email threads I was following on […]

Picking the hill on which to die – the fine art of de-escalation

Ever get in a battle with a 4 year old and you reach a point (very quickly) where you realize you’ve lost? That realization normally comes when you’ve taken a stance that you realize you can’t possibly uphold. The mind starts to spin with “how am I going to […]

In the Midst of Greatness

In The Midst Of Greatness

This podcast talks about daily life in our secodary schools and the inspiration we feel from working with students. While we watch many students go on to accomplish great things, there are stories of success everyday that fill those who work in schools with a […]

Transparency is more than handing out the spreadsheet – revisiting the Six Secrets

On a few of my posts I have reflected on good works in the past that seem to fly by. When the “next good book” on leadership or process comes out, we often simply turn our minds to new thoughts and trends in educational leadership or leadership in general. […]

What exactly is trust and how do leaders earn it?

Trust – the firm belief in the reliability, truth,
or ability of someone or something.
Oxford English Dictionary
When we talk about leadership, often we hear about trust. But when do we really talk about what do people mean by trust? Is it trust in an individual, a group, a direction or […]

What are you willing to declare you are responsible for and what does that have to do with policy?

I was in Starbucks the other day. As I went to grab the milk, I discovered that not only was the first steel jug empty, but so was the second, third and fourth. As I carried the four empty canisters to the counter to ask for more, I thought […]

Learning Standards – Is Time the Ultimate Measure?

When I was in electronics engineering we had a physics class devoted to a discussion of time. “The irreversible ordering of physical events” was the definition I remember. Recently, I participated in a discussion about curriculum standards and I left wondering about the role that time plays in our […]

Critical Friends – who are they and what role do they play?

When I have principals or other school-based leaders who come asking advice, I often ask them, “who are your critical friends at school?” In my experience, having a range of people to run things by not only makes your decision making sharper,  it can provide you with the much needed […]


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