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The Passion and Caring of Today’s Youth

I had the privilege this week to emcee the Wayne Houston Memorial Speech Meet in Surrey. On stage with thirteen teenagers, I got to listen to their short and powerful speeches. So often we hear about teens but to rarely do we pause to hear from them. What I heard […]

Picking the hill on which to die – the fine art of de-escalation

Ever get in a battle with a 4 year old and you reach a point (very quickly) where you realize you’ve lost? That realization normally comes when you’ve taken a stance that you realize you can’t possibly uphold. The mind starts to spin with “how am I going to […]

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    Great teachers don’t just teach content, they teach themselves

Great teachers don’t just teach content, they teach themselves

Everyone in the education system has probably been asked at one time or another about a great teacher they have had. I have had many great teachers, but the one characteristic of great teachers that I have had is that they did not just teach content, they taught themselves. […]


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