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After retiring as Superintendent of Schools in Surrey, BC, one of Canada’s largest school districts, I wanted to continue to celebrate and support leadership and building the capacity of systems in a variety of contexts. I have led at the senior level in four different school districts both rural and urban, big and small. As a leadership consultant, I continue to support leadership of individuals, teams, boards and organizations in both the public and private sectors at various levels across Canada.

I am committed to supporting Boards, Senior Executive and organizations who want to improve education and service to the public. In the past 2 years, I have been engaged across Canada in numerous projects all with the intentions to improve organizations and their leadership. Some of my recent work has included:

  • Designing and facilitiating presentations and sessions focused on improving leadership and governance practices and policies;
  • Leading processes to support the work of strategic planning;
  • Executive coaching of senior leaders in the public and private sector;
  • Conducting and co-constructing evaluations of Boards, Superintendents and Senior Staff;
  • Providing keynote addresses and professional learning series for school and district leaders;
  • Writing and research on topics of leadership and education in both the K-12 and Post-Secondary sectors;
  • Engaging with and helping to shape processes of Long Range Capital Planning, school consolidations, and public consultation; and
  • Supporting the recruitment of senior leaders.

Simply put, I have dedicated my life to supporting education and public service and I enjoy continuing to do that. I continue to write and am supporitng organizations with guides for Boards and through policy and bylaw work as well.

In the past, this site was the host of my blog. Praxis is philosophy in action, not just thinking about leadership but making it happen. I have kept those articles on this site and I continue to write about leadership and case studies to explore how we can all work to improve and transform education in service of all children.

I have a Ph.D. in Curriculum, a Masters in Educational Leadership and I am an active practicing ICF accredited Executive Coach. I get great satisfaction from helping others regardless of the role they play in our systems. I also know that leadership at the executive level, whether in the public or private domain, has enormous overlaps in terms of challenges and the support required. I am fortunate to be asked to speak and facilitate at numerous events in a wide array of contexts and I always appreciate the chance to share in the growth and learning of individuals, teams, and districts.

If you are looking to contact me, my email address is [email protected]. You may email me there directly.

Dr. Jordan Tinney


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