Social media resources for teachers and parents

Written by: Jordan Tinney

Published On: September 5th 2013

Are you looking for consent forms, internet resouces, and information for parents about social media in the classroom? The purpose of this post is to share the collective work of many Surrey educators. Initiated by a need to have a consistent and clear set of documents to support teachers’ use of social media and internet tools, our helping teachers in collaboration with district staff and external support, created the attached set of tools and documents.

I presented these materials at the BC School Superintendents’ Conference in August and Surrey wanted to share the resources wider. I should say that I had no part in the creation of the documents, it’s all the work of our Education Services Team. We know that many people are asking for consent forms, internet resources, information for parents, and other support. We offer the attached to all who wish to use them, modify as you wish and share.

If you wish more information, please contact our Director of Instruction Elisa Carlson (@emscarlson) at [email protected] and Elisa can provide more information if needed or put districts and teachers in touch with those most closely associated with the creation of these resources.

A big thanks to all teachers involved in creating these documents. A great example of Surrey educators at work and their willingness to share.

The documents are:

1. A Statement of Technology Enhanced Learning – why exactly do we believe that supporting learning with technology is important?

2. Net Etiquette and Safe Practice for Educators –what are some considerations when using technology and what are your professional responsibilities?

3. Information and Media Literacy Resources – curriculum standards, learning resources, websites, copyright information and recommended Web 2.0 tools.

4. Pamphlet: Digital Tools – a parent brochure that can be used to share information with parents about Web tools.

5. Parental Consent Form – a district standard form which schools must use to collect permission for student district email accounts and the use of Web tools

These documents are, of course, tailored for our district but as stated, we encourage others to modify and share as you see fit for your own individual use. We hope you find them as useful as we are. If you want to see how teachers are using technology and these tools in our district, consider visiting our hashtag at #sd36learn where you will find a great mix of those deeply involved in how things actually unfold in the classroom.